Rico firefighters start season of trainings

At the regular Rico Fire Protection District Meeting in March, Fire Chief Todd Jones reported on two motor vehicle accident calls: a rollover north of the S-turns and a rear-end near the gas station.

Training: Mr. Jones reported that the 130/190 (Wildland red card) training is coming up and to be taught by USFS at minimal expense. The regional EMS council is sponsoring CE trainings on the first Monday of each month at one of the regional fire departments for no cost. There will be an upcoming live burn training in Farmington, and extrication exercise at the trauma skills training in Towaoc. In the spring, Fire Chief Jones is interested in getting Dolores and other interested agencies to participate in a ropes training exercise, possibly at Hillside.

Equipment: Mr. Jones reported that the ladder truck is still causing problems with fittings. The Mack pumper will need new rear tires. The snowmobiles will need some miscellaneous parts, and the account at the Fun Center has been set up. The new snowmobile runs well. Tyler Lapp also stated that he is continuing to test the SCBA compressor air twice a year.

Under Old Business: Ambulance Billing/Business Options is still grinding forward.

EMT-B class: Currently, there are three Fire Department members interested in taking the class: Alex Steele, Zach Mcmanus and Brooke Sinclair. There are also firemen and citizens from Telluride who are interested in the class, and Todd Jones mentioned that he has spoken to Nancy Scarborough about taking the class. The county will pay for two to take the class; RFPD has access to at least $4,000 in Rico Center funds for the class. The CREATE grant is also available, either through RFPD or the County, as a 50 percent match for the class.

The District discussed ensuring that the class participants need to make a commitment to taking and passing the class, as well as serving on the Fire Department if they are subsidized by taxpayer money. After some discussion, Mike England motioned that EMT class participants should have to pay $200 to take the class, and sign an agreement stating that they will be reimbursed the money if they pass the class, get their NREMT certification, and go on six ambulance runs. Tyler Lapp seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. There was also comment that the Department by-laws should be amended to include that the District will not pay for a member to take a given class more than two times if they do not pass the class.

Rico Fire Protection District: Bookkeeping and Accountant Services: The Board continues to express interest in changing its providers of bookkeeping and/or accounting services to get a better product and reduce costs. There was some discussion on whether it would be necessary to advertise for the position of bookkeeper; Mike England said he believed it was not necessary. Questions as to what the District is getting for its $600 a year paid to Major and Haley, besides the filing of the exemption from audit. Mike England stated that he puts the budget for the Town together without a CPA - the Fire District's is much simpler. Does the District have to have a CPA?

Other Items: Todd Jones reports that he is preparing to offer to buy the Tanker that he was looking at from Cortez Fire District for $10,000. If CFD is willing to wait for their money, perhaps put in for a Rico Center grant for the Tanker?

The 2013 dog tags are now available at the Rico Town Hall. Please come and register your dog (s). All dogs are required to be registered with the Town of Rico, contact Town Clerk Linda Yellowman at 970-967-2861 or stop by the Town Hall with a copy of your dog's rabies certificate.