Rude behavior witnessed at school board meeting

Dear Editor:

Thank you for your March 28 editorial that informed me I did not need to attend Dolores school board meetings. What a relief! I suppose the Dolores Star's fine reporting of recent events in my community should really be all the information a concerned citizen requires. However, I find interesting the assumptions that those "new" faces were there with specific intent. I cannot speak to the intent of others, however I was there for three reasons: First to learn what the issues are beyond what I read in the paper and hear from diverse people in this community. As a taxpayer to this district and a registered voter who cast ballots in favor of this board, I want to know what is happening first hand. Through attending this meeting I learned about and agree that there are real issues that I hope the school staff and administration will address in a timely fashion. There are also issues that some consider "problematic" that I instead fully support. It was good for me to learn about the diverse concerns of others. Second, I was there to show my support to the Dolores Student Government. I want these young people to know this community does support their positive initiative to take action they think will be helpful to their school. I am proud of their efforts to create an inclusive, tolerant school environment. Third, I want this school board to know there are members of this community who favor civil, respectful discourse. To me, showing up, listening to everyone, conducting oneself in a respectful manner regardless if everyone agrees is an excellent way to demonstrate how civil discourse works. It concerns me that rude, intimidating behavior on the part of some adults is seen as appropriate. A board meeting should never be a popularity contest, I agree. I also believe strongly that some behavior at the March 26 school board meeting was immature, inconsiderate, rude and inappropriate for public meetings. If it takes "new" people attending public meetings to moderate the rude behavior of others, count me in.

Tracy Murphy