Thanks for a sheriff with integrity


We have the sheriff we deserve and the majority is thankful. Re: David A. Gilmour (March 26, Journal) and H. C. Petley (March 28, Journal), it is apparent in reading your thoughts that some folks never knew what honor and integrity are or have forgotten. Sheriff Spruell took an oath to support and uphold the Constitution of the United States. That is exactly what he is doing. Unconstitutional laws are unenforceable.

You got part of it right: "It is bad law and bad lawmen that breed contempt for the law." Bad judges can be added to that statement. It is men and women of honor and integrity such as Sheriff Spruell and over 50 more of the approximately 64 sheriffs in Colorado who support the same position, that keep their oath of office, that restore reasonable people's faith in the law.

One writer certainly had a lot of "what if's." Well, you're finding out, "What if we had a constitutional sheriff?" Thank God, we do.

Dennis Atwater


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