A 'No Whining' zone

Bobby Abplanalp/Cortez Journal

Coaches of the new "No Whining" local boot camp program pose March 28, at the Journal. From left, Randy Quillin, Jamie Davies, Rayna Hale and Jeff Weinmeister.

By Bobby Abplanalp Journal staff writer

When a drill sergeant says, "drop and give me 20."

Cadets do it.

If there's whining and complaining in boot camp training, then suffer the consequences.

Same thing goes with Cortez's new fitness boot camp program, fittingly titled "No Whining."

Boot Camp of the Rockies is no more.

The No Whining boot camp differs from BCOR in that it offers more variety. Different workouts are offered each day and, oh yeah, there's no whining!

"BCOR was a brand. No Whining is a beginning brand," said head boot camp instructor and founder Rayna Hale. "We're going to be more individual. We're not going to follow the same boot camp regimen every day.

Evening workouts are split apart with spinning, strength training, yoga, zumba and boot camp in a single session. Exercises cater to multiple fitness levels. No Whining's mission statement is "fitness for those who would, could and should."

Time to put up or shut up, says Hale.

"I used to tell people in my classes 'Do you have to whine about everything?' I'd say '10 more pushups,' and they'd start whining," she said.

Hale has trademarked the "No Whining" name, officially making the boot camp's beginning in Cortez. A Denver area program will open in June, but the boot camp isn't just for warm weather.

No Whining has a partnership with the Cortez Recreation Center, which allows participants to move indoors during inclement weather any time of the year. Outdoor workouts are mostly in Parque de Vida. A special feature is the Friday morning run on Carpenter Trail near Southwest Memorial Hospital. Access points are at the northwest corner of Mildred Road and Empire Street, and on Lebanon Road north of US Highway 491.

"How much fun is that to go run around outside up little hills; and, it's close to town," said Hale about Carpenter Trail. "It's right here. That's really exciting."

Hale works with four other coaches. Randy Quillin is a strength and agility coach, having a strong background in gymnastics.

Jeff Weinmeister is a certified spinning and yoga instructor, and certified personal trainer. Jamie Davies and Anthony Mayes are mentor coaches, who primarily work with beginners to the program.

Davies and Mayes each started boot camp training in BCOR.

Anyone interested in participating, the No Whining coaches will be offering a free demonstration and workout outside of the Rec. Center on Saturday, April 27, at 9:30 a.m.

For scheduling and financial information, please call Hale at 560-3916.


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