The opening to every zombie movie


If our president is an emperor, then Larry Tradlener is a royal subject like the rest of us, but we know that is not the truth.

Didn't we just stand up and be counted? The country voted for a president and the man, who won with a majority of the peoples votes, got elected. Grumble grumble, la-dee-da.

Tradlener knows this, so what is his actual point? Does he have any solutions? Frankly I don't even think there is a problem. It is just business as usual and America has been, is, and will always be good enough for me.

Couple things: when you refer to what you write as "it's not racist," it is racist, and when you talk about hungry mobs, Nazis, and trucked in food and gasoline - well that is every opening to every zombie movie ever made.

Facts? Ronald Reagan doubled our debt (to outspend the Russians into ruin) before Bush Jr. tripled it again (to fight the War on Terror) and then Obama did the same thing (to save us from another Great Depression). As far as I can see, they all worked. Should we have? Was there another way? What the heck do I know? You don't know either. Admit it.

Summer is nearly here. I'm going to clean my yard, barbecue with friends, and reflect that I live in a free and secure nation with men, women, and children that care for one another enough not to let the zombies eat my brain.

Richard M. Feit


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