Wind brought strange rain

The wind on Monday was fierce. It blew and blew and obscured our view of Mesa Verde, and at some points the road in front of us. But I was also sad to hear the wind also claimed the hoop house installed by Mancos resident Sarah Syverson, who most of us know as the wonderful lady who is bringing the farm into our school and teaching the students how lovely fresh vegetables taste and how we can all incorporate them in our lives. Bad wind.

Also, it rained a bit, but because the air was so full of dust, it was a mud rain. Weird. It also snowed a bit in the evening.

Let's hope that Sarah's beautiful lettuce crop will be protected from this cold weather.


There is a lot of beautiful art by Mancos artists at the Cortez Cultural Center right now. Be sure to go check it out.


There were prescription glasses in a case dropped off at the Times office last week. Have you lost your glasses?

Call me at 564-6038 if you think they are yours.


Don't miss Joshua Most at the Mancos Public Library today at 10 a.m. He will sell his book "Mac the Fun Pup." There was a profile on Joshua in last week's paper. If you missed it, check online at www.mancostimes.com


It is nice to meet all the wonderful people in Mancos.

Please keep story ideas coming and hope to make more rounds this week to introduce myself.


Also, I would like to start putting birthday announcements in the paper. If you want your birthday in the Mancos Times, call and leave a message at 533-7766, or e-mail me at mancostimes@cortezjournal.com