An update on the Heritage Project

Well, things are moving forward with Heritage Project, a collaboration between the Mancos Valley Chamber of Commerce, the town of Mancos, the Mancos Valley Arts Council, Mancos Valley Resources and Colorado Department of Transportation. The effort is to create an environment along the Highway 160 corridor that is more welcoming and also informs the traveler that Mancos has more to offer than a view of the highway.

Leslie Hopkins, Parks and Recreation Coordinator, has been working with CDOT to identify plants that are appropriate for planting along the highway. After all, we want plants that will survive those harsh conditions along the highway and won't obstruct driving visibility. Hopkins has announced that it is now time to begin planting and she needs some help to get the job done. She needs volunteers who can help her put plants in the ground. If you are willing and able to help make Mancos look more beautiful and welcoming, check out the dates below and give Hopkins a call at 533-7725 and volunteer.

. May 1 through May 15 work will be done at the northeast corner of Highways 160 and 184.

. May 22 through June 5 the northwest corner of Highways 160 and 184 will be done.

. June 12 through June 26 landscape work will be done at the Cox Conoco corner.

. August 7 through August 21 the Millwood Junction corner will be landscaped.

. August through September 11 Highway 160 and Willow Avenue will be landscaped.

If you wish to make a donation to the project, Mancos Valley Resources (MVR) is accepting donations. MVR is a 501c3 which means your donation is tax deductible. Make checks payable to MVR/Heritage Project and send to MVR, PO Box 204, Mancos, CO 81328.

In the meantime, the Chamber of Commerce and the Arts Council are working with a local artist to create a Western-themed mural on the west side of the Mancos Liquor building. It is hoped that the Heritage Project will evolve and include other community-based efforts to beautify our town. If you have any question, please stop by the Visitor Center at 101 E. Bauer or call the Chamber of Commerce at 533-7434.