New roof for Galloping Goose Historical Society Museum

WORK has already begun on the roof of the Galloping Goose Historical Society museum. The new roof was paid for by a grant.

The Galloping Goose Historical Society has been awarded a grant to replace the cedar shingle roof on the GGHS Museum building. In the twenty plus years since construction of the building, the roof has gradually deteriorated with many warped and curled shingles exposed to damage during high winds. Work to replace the roof started last week and is being done by Mike McGrath Construction of Cortez.

The original Rio Grande Southern Depot in Dolores had cedar shingles, and when the GGHS built the replica building in 1989 cedar shingles were used for an authentic appearance. In considering the need to replace the roof, the potential fire hazard that cedar shingle pose was taken into consideration, so two additional materials were considered, asphalt shingles and manufactured shingles designed to look like cedar shingles. Cost estimates for each roof type however, determined that asphalt shingles were the most feasible choice despite the trade off in authenticity. The cost of cedar shingles was more than double the cost of asphalt shingles and the cost of manufactured shingles was over three times as much. Cost and decreased fire hazard made asphalt shingles the obvious choice. A medium brown color with a hint of red that most closely matched historic color photographs of the original depot was chosen.

The new roof is financed by a $9,200.00 grant the GGHS received from Colorado Grande, a Colorado philanthropic organization that supports not-for-profit organizations in western Colorado. Colorado Grande sponsored a five day road tour of pre 1960 vintage sports and race cars that stopped at the GGHS Museum last September for dessert and refreshments. For hosting that tour, the GGHS received a significant donation and was encouraged at that time to apply for an additional grant. Replacing the roof was an obvious choice for such a grant. Local GGHS members Tom and Sally Garrison volunteered to make the grant application for the GGHS, which was submitted in October and awarded in December. With warmer spring weather, this much needed project is now underway.