Divided we stand ... and wait

Dear Editor:

It would be funny if it weren't so sad. A Denver based law firm which specializes in Civil Rights was hired to represent a coalition of more than 50 families, four unnamed teachers/coaches and eight unnamed families. This was due to the school board and administration not answering concerns of community members. It took a letter from an attorney to bring many items to light.

The vast majority of the families involved are those which volunteer hours, and not just one or two. They volunteer their time, energy and money. They have been extremely active community members, school community members and involved parents. They have always appreciated the teachers and their close involvement with school functions provided an up-close and personal view of the inner workings of the school administration. The 2012-2013 school year has been the worst for those involved with the school. This includes volunteers, staff, teachers and family members. And what made the 2012-2013 school year so different? The students, teachers and parents are relatively the same. What changed? The administration.

With regard to the "untruths" that were supposedly included in the letter from the attorney representing concerned students, parent and community members, I can speak from personal experience.

I have been trying to make an appointment for myself and my daughter to meet with the mediator the administration hired by the school since March 27. Why do simple things take on such complexity? At this time, appointments are only scheduled with the booster club and the Student Parent Coaltion. To date, I have been unsuccessful in securing appointment for my daughter, who is a student at the school nor me as a parent/concerned citizen. Supposedly, the mediator was informed to only make appointments with Booster and SPC. So much for the hoped for healing process. Is this mediation just another failed promise by the administration?

A very concerned parent who continues to stand - divided and waiting

Nancy Nelligan


Editor's note: Scott Cooper was directed by the school board to allow any and all concerned citizens to contact the mediator after concerns were raised during Tuesday night's meeting. Those that fear retaliation, were asked to contact individual board members.