Everything Obama said was a deception


The president recently asserted that his budget will make intelligent cuts and not hurt the middle class and seniors, and other claims that just have no substance.

"My budget will reduce our deficits not with aimless, reckless spending cuts that hurt students and seniors and middle-class families," Obama said, "but through the balanced approach that the American people prefer, and the investments that a growing economy demands."

Everything he said was a deception! His budget will have not have aimless and reckless (certainly terms aimed at the GOP ... so much for "civilized dialogue) spending cuts? It will have no cuts. His proposal only reduces the amount of increase in spending! Sure the American people want a "balanced" approach; but Obama's idea of "balanced" is to increase spending and taxes equally. I have to hand it to Obama -it must take considerable effort to keep his body from twisting into an unfixable tangle of knots due to his constant deceptions.

Charles W. Thompson


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