The Constitution above all else

dennis spruell

When I took my oath of office, the most critical part of that oath was to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, not be part of destroying it.

I would like citizens of Montezuma County to be aware of my position. I hold no ill will toward those that disagree or have a difference of opinion, and I hope they will provide the same to me. I believe that's what our Constitution is all about.

Simply put, I cannot and will not compromise my rights afforded me under the Constitution of the United States, particularly the Second Amendment. The position that I expressed that law-abiding citizens have the right to "keep and bear arms" is absolute. Nothing further should be discussed. No compromise should be considered.

Truly, sheriffs are the last line of defense between the people and the criminals, both from the streets and from the government. They don't answer to the state or federal government. They answer to you, because you elect them. As elected officials, they are under oath to protect the Constitution above all else. Thus, if they think a state or federal law contradicts the Constitution, they are under no obligation to enforce it.

Sheriffs across our nation are standing up against tyranny and are winning their battles without violence and protests. I do not stand alone, as most sheriffs in Colorado and the country have publicly stated they will not enforce anymore unconstitutional, unenforceable, feel good gun laws.

President Ronald Reagan stressed the importance of the modern sheriff in his address to the National Sheriffs' Association on June 21, 1984. He said, "Thank you for standing up for this nation's dream of personal freedom under the rule of law. Thank you for standing against those who would transform that dream into a nightmare of wrongdoing and lawlessness. And thank you for your service to your communities, to your country, and to the cause of law and justice."

For the tyrant to win the only thing that has to happen is for the nation's police and sheriffs to be convinced that all laws must be enforced. Freedom is thereby destroyed and America dies when our sheriffs go along with tyranny.

As your sheriff, I promise to bring firm, fair law enforcement. Furthermore, I encourage the full and complete enforcement of existing gun regulations and oppose any executive order or rule that further restricts the rights of law abiding people to own, possess, keep and use firearms. Dennis Spruell is sheriff of Montezuma County. Contact him by calling 565-0583 or emailing The department's website is

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