Accident portrayal was a big success

It was a disturbing scene near the high school parking lot on Monday as students acted out an accident, the apparent result of distracted driving. Kudos to Michelle Kline for her portrayal of an accident victim. Boy can she scream. Also great job to everyone else. The corpse was particularly convincing and it was nice to see Cortez students join Dolores to help with the makeup and an EMT class from Cortez serve as the paramedics.

Let's just hope it wasn't too convincing and no area parents drove by and got concerned.

Let's also hope that the scene will steer teens away from distracted driving. Parents should note too. Distracted driving can be deadly.

It was also nice to see the area first responders help with this event and Belt Salvage donate cars. Way to work together!

A local restaurant even donated some ketchup to the crew when they ran out of fake blood for the scene.


Prom is this weekend, so it will be a busy one for many. Also, don't be surprised if you see a lot of students out to eat Saturday night as prom is not serving dinner the year.


Kindergarten registration was successful this year at Dolores Elementary School last week. It is reported that the most kindergartners registered ever this year. So it is going to be a big group of students.


Mindy Martinez's resignation was approved at the April 9 school board meeting, something I didn't mention in last week's story. She was a language arts teacher.


I also forgot to mention that Belinda Platts was recently appointed to the Dolores Public Library Board.



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Happy Anniversary to Larry & Jan Shepard.

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