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My husband, Richard K. Stacer, was a World War II veteran who served duty on a destroyer as a boat officer, taking Marines and Army soldiers in landing craft tot he South Pacific islands during those battles and removing the dead and wounded to hospital ships. He fortunately survived and, after his return to the United States, attended four years of law school and earned his doctorate, all paid for by the GI Bill. we met and were married during the first year of his civilian law practice in 1949. One year later, eh was recalled to active duty.

One point I wish to make is that he and I were promised full medical care for life at that time. That promise was broken. After he died in 2001, I was denied his military retirement benefits and allowed a part of his Social Security; I did not know at that time, because I was past the age of retirement (74), I was entitled to all of his Social Security, which is another broken promise and fraud. My support of 18 years of my husband’s 29 years of active duty, while raising three children and moving every 2.5 years, meant nothing. I have gotten by with the help of my children to pay bills, gas and food. Advertisement of help for the military and their families does not seem to apply to me.

$100 is deducted from my Social Security each month for Medicare and I am also obligated to make copayments with a cap included. So much for the promise of free medical care for life.

Our government is literally stealing our money in a bold fashion. Their intention is to end Social Securiy and Medicare. Republicans created our deficit through illegal wars, tax breaks for the rich and huge salaries for members of Congress. They and their corporate friends are now controlling America. We need your help to preserve our Social Security as required by law. Please continue to harass your reprsentatives, who are receiving $17,500 per month salary plus perks but do nothing for our country.

Evelyn Stacer


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