Lakeside Lanes bowls good scores

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Lakeside Lanes bowling leagues have reported some striking scores.

Monday night’s Powder Puff League shows the Ute Mountain Financial ladies taking team honors with the high handicap game/series with 818/2,409. Team member Emily Whiteman won the hcp series (648). Phyllis Ferdinando’s 205 was the top scratch game, Lindy Rucker’s 546 was the high scratch series and Judy Dove rolled a 256 high hcp game.

Tuesday evening’s Men’s Petroleum League posted Lakeside Lanes with team high hcp game (1,097) and Team One taking the hcp series (3,075). Individual results were swept by Bill Bedker with high scratch/hcp game/high scratch/hcp series with 267/278/728/761. The previous week showed Jerry Spandrio rolling the high scratch/hcp game and series (257/673). Empire Electric took team honors with 1,061/3,076 for hcp game/series.

Tuesday afternoon’s ladies show Montezuma Vet Clinic taking team highs with hcp game/series (632/1,840). Denise Rentz had the high scratch game/series (191/540) and Rosie Hamilton took the high hcp game/series (234/652).

Wednesday morning’s Ladies Coffee League posted Bees In a Bonnett with the high hcp game (606) and Angel’s End Zone with the high hcp series (1,774). Rucker posted the individual highs with scratch/hcp game, scratch/hcp series (245/254/661/688).

Leagues are in their last two weeks of competition and summer leagues are open to everyone with rosters being filled at this time.

For more information, please contact Lakeside Lanes at 565-9355.

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