'Cash mob' to be held at Chavolo's Thursday

A "Mancos Cash Mob" is meant to be a fun way to encourage people to go into a small, local business and spend their money, en masse, giving that business owner a rush of economic stimulus.

The "Mancos Cash Mob" may be a new idea to the community but it has been around for a while. It was originated by Chris Smith of Buffalo, N.Y. in August 2011, when he encouraged a group of over 100 people to show up at a local wine shop and spend money. The idea was picked up in November by Andrew Samtoy of Cleveland, Ohio, who claims to have come up with name "cash mob." Since then cash mob events have sprouted up across the United States and Canada.

The Mancos Cash Mob is sponsored by the Mancos Valley Chamber of Commerce.

One of the coordinators, Jamie Bade said, "We hope everybody can come together and mob Chavolo's on Thursday, March 25 at 5:30 p.m., share some laughs and spend a little cash."

During a Mancos Cash Mob event, a business is swamped with lots of crazy activity, all in one time frame.

One year ago, the Chamber of Commerce began a project called "Mancos Valley First" in an effort to encourage people to shop locally when they can. Many in the community have probably seen the red-and-white stickers on shop windows and vehicles around town. There are still stickers available at the Visitor Center for those who would like to pick up one for a $1 donation.

The next step for this project was to inform people about the businesses that exist in the Valley so that they know where to shop or whom to call for services and resources. The Chamber of Commerce website was upgraded last year to accommodate a business directory that is now available at www.mancosvalley.com.

After all the hard work identifying businesses, entering information into a database, transposing to a website, creating stickers and distributing them, now comes the fun, a "Mancos Cash Mob." This is a time to show our support for a local business by sharing a little of our cash with them. It will be the time to experience the great hospitality of one of our local, small town businesses.

Other businesses that have had the Mancos Cash Mob visit them are Artisans of Mancos, Raven House, Gallery, Zuma Natural Foods, Fahrenheit Coffee Roasters, and Kaleidoscope Wellness. Future "Mancos Cash Mob" events are planned for once a month and will be announced in the newspaper, posted on the Mancos Valley Facebook page and on the website under Mancos Valley calendar of events.

Valley businesses that would like to host a "Mancos Cash Mob" can contact the Chamber of Commerce at 533-7434 or send an e-mail to chamber@mancosvalley.com.