SPC simply a group of concerned parents

Dear Editor:

Within the 90-odd years that my family has been involved with school, many changes have come about some good and some not so good. And through those years, administrations have come and gone. But this year out of 90 years, has proven to be a struggle for students, parents, teachers and administration.

The first item I would like to address is the bond issue. Yes, I did vote "no," not because of the tax increase, I would gladly pay the increase if it was beneficial to the students. But when I purchase something if it says it will pop popcorn and blow bubbles at the same time that is exactly what I want. We have been sold a bill of goods again, even taking out all the extras we will still be over budget. When I expressed that the community needs full disclosure, the reason was I have been present for the first bond attempt which is basically the same plan as now. Even at $6.07 million, that amount does not cover the increase in building costs over the past several years or the additional cost of soft line items. Again options were not investigated thoroughly.

And the second item I would like to address is the mediation process, which was falsely stated by Mr. Cooper. Mediation did not happened between a total of eight parents, there were four parents and four representatives of over 200 families associated with the Student Parent Coalition (SPC).

Last week's mediation was a failure on both parties sides. The SPC was told that we should leave everything to the experts and trained professionals. The SPC includes veteran teachers, people with bachelors and master degrees, counselors, child advocates, veteran administrators, nurses, physicians, lawyers, architects, etc., and yes, the most important of all parents with over 22 years experience dealing with this school system.

The Student Parent Coalition was started to help ease the confrontations at School Board meetings. The SPC has meetings where issues are discussed, researched, and solutions are developed. SPC brings those issues and possible solutions to light at School Board meetings.

The SPC has brought the following issues to light: eligibility, early release on Wednesdays and a chaotic homework club.

The SPC stepped in with volunteers to help staff, organize and make the homework club become an environment better suited for studying which also allowed the school staff to attend meetings.

Board policies and Colorado Revised Statues have not been followed throughout this year. Age-appropriate literature is not being offered as an alternative. Emails and phone calls to teachers and/or administration not being returned for weeks or not at all. Power School is not being used correctly. These are just a few of the issues that plague our school.

We are concerned parents and community members.

We have some very exciting programs that we are developing for the children and families of our community. Please e-mail kx4les0207@hotmail.com for further information.

Lenetta Shull