Will this lead to the second Amendment?


Several months ago I wrote about the dismal failure of the Juvenile Drug Court. I wondered about their agenda. They are addicted to psychiatry. A recent case involving a 19-year-old female with a nine-month-old baby was forced to attend a psychobabble house in spite of her being cured of her addiction. This forced treatment was based on (in my opinion) a phony test, because they said she needed it. As it turned out, this house of babble could not make up their minds as how much babble she would need; she was set up to fail by not allowing her to show any angry emotions, so they could get her out and get paid. She spent 90 days in jail due to their outright lies; now she is free of psychiatry, which is no more scientific than astrology or palm reading.

The American Psychiatric Association is scheduled to release its fifth Manual of Mental Disorders consisting of virtually every emotion experienced by a human; sadness, grief, anxiety, frustration, impatience, excitement, rapists (if they feel sexual arousal during) as “paraphilic coercive disorder”; “hoarding disorder” if you stockpile, food, water, ammunition; “obedience defiance disorder” as refusal to follow authority.

This opens up the possibility that millions and millions of people will be diagnosed as having a “mental disorder. Big pharma will have a field day, and will this lead to the Second Amendment?

Gene Clark


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