Someone is about to be found out

Three weeks passed after the heist at the train depot and nothing else happened concerning it, so it was pretty much past being talked about when a man with a couple of bags stepped off the train. He walked into the depot and asked Henry Sprague, the station manager if he could have a few words with him. Henry eyed him and felt something was about to happen.

"My name is C. W. Shores, though most people call me Doc."

"And how can I help you, Mr. Shores?"

"I'm with the secret service department of your parent company, the D&RG Express Company. I understand that you were in the company when the holdup took place here a few weeks ago. The newspaper said there were eight of you here at the time and listed your name, Blacksmith Drury, Charlie Bauer and two younger men Ed Caviness and John Anderson.

"It was bad timing for those two young men who could have easily made a wrong move and gotten themselves in deep trouble.

"The young do seem to have a knack for being in the wrong place at the right time all right. But being young men they may have noticed something the rest of you didn't see. How can I get hold of them and ask them to describe what they saw?"

Henry cocked his head to one side before answering.

"Ed comes in from over in Thompson Park a few days each week to help his older brother, Jim Caviness, with his saloon over on South Main and should be there tomorrow afternoon. Oh, I see Charlie Kelly is about ready to leave with his carriage, so you'd better catch him if you intend to find a room for the night."

"Thank you, Henry. I'll come back later and ask more questions."

Doc stayed in the new Lemmon Hotel across from the saloon on South Main but waited until midafternoon the next day before making his way into the Caviness Saloon. Doc was sure the young man with the broom was Ed Caviness so he walked over to Ed and said, "I'm with the railroad secret service and I understand you were at the depot the day of the recent heist. Why were you there and what can you tell me about the robber?"

"John and I walked down to the depot to see who was coming and going and stayed to join in with the discussion that was going on. John and I compared what we saw because we were able to get a pretty good look at him."

"Did you happen to notice anything about him that stuck out?"

"He must have been a lot smaller than he looked with that large overcoat on."

"And that must have been the reason he asked you to hold the sack with the boodle."

The questions continued and so will we since someone is about to be found out.