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Editor:What Gene Clark meant was that more people will be labeled mentally unfit because the new manual of mental disorders includes nearly everyone, and nut-jobs aren't allowed to own guns. He went on and said psychiatry is no more scientific than astrology or palm reading, which is bunk and happens to be an insult to astrologists, palm readers, and psychologists everywhere. Astrology and palm reading are calming meditative practices. They don't feign a scientific basis. Psychology is based on statistical data and is a healing practice based on social study. Portions of psychology are scientific because they were concluded through the scientific method.

Clark's anecdotal evidence, such as this 19-year-old female with child, isn't evidence of anything. Example: Why, just yesterday I saw a little crying dragon with an ostrich on its head being forced to subsist on HoHos and Martian dander. Hey, it's in print - gotta be the truth.

I think some of these folks who are freaked out by gun control, psychology, and juvenile drug court ought to put down their guns, find a good psychologist, and quite following the goings-on of 19-year-old drug addicts. I read this in my tea leaves: All young drug addicted mothers please find good counsel, and in faith and strength, listen to it.

Richard M. Feit


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