How many lies?


How many lies do Obama supporters have to hear before they realize what a phony piece of work this man truly is? We already know Obamacare is a complete disaster for everyone. Now we know Congress is trying to get an exemption for themselves and their staff as well as all the unions. We know they took $716 billion from Medicare to pay for Obamacare. Now Sen. Harry Reid is saying we need our taxes raised to pay for this debacle to prevent the train wreck that's coming.

This is the most inept, lying administration I've ever seen in my life, and I'm quite old. The mainstream media cover for him and his cohorts without a thought of what all these actions are doing to our country and the hurt they're causing the people of this country. Do they not realize they and their kids and grandkids will suffer all this just like us? Are they really that stupid or such ideologues they don't care how damaging all of this is to the future of this great country? Do they all hate everything this country and its beautiful Constitution stands for so much they're willing to stand by and even assist in its destruction?

The media is betraying us and themselves by not reporting, much less investigating, everything this administration is doing in order to be the watchdogs they're supposed to be no matter their personal beliefs. The truth will always come to light and hopefully not too late.

Catherine Spencer


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