Respect all parts of the Constitution


Denton May believes the "majority" want common sense gun laws and the "absolute right crowd refuse to consider that the Second Amendment is embedded in the historical context of the late 18th century, and reflects the concerns of an infant nation." Perhaps Mr. Mays should consider that although he currently has the "right" of free speech under the historical content of the 18th century document called our Bill of Rights/Constitution, he should have enough common sense to respect all parts of the Constitution.

Let's pretend it isn't the Second Amendment that is currently under attack, but instead the attack is upon the First Amendment, specifically the right of free speech and a free press. Imagine this scenario: a "law" is put into effect that a newspaper can not accept a "letter to the editor" that contains any words longer that 4 letters; the newspaper editor must submit a background check on every person who is submitting a letter to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the FBI. Denton May will be required to submit all of his medical records to prove that he has never been counseled or treated for depression or any other psychological concerns that the federal government may deem a "mental illness" symptom. Furthermore, he will be constrained as to how many letters to the editor he may submit in a specific time period, determined by the federal government. And, as a further constraint, he will only be allowed to voice your opinion on a subject the government hasn't banned.

First Amendment rights are just as important to May as the Second Amendment rights are to others. Once we allow just one of our Constitutional rights to be altered, the proverbial door will be open to change or abolish all our rights.

Jan Foster