A huge thank-you for the May 4 landscape project


I would personally like to thank all of you who volunteered for our first stage of the Highway 160 Landscape Project. We had gown board members, our new town manager,

Mancos Chamber members and several members of the community helping out.

You all "rocked!" and believe me there was a lot of rock! It made a wonderful, eyecatching difference for the intersection to start, and we are excited about moving forward to the next project.

I would also like to thank our Public Works Department, who helped with the gravel and flagstone, Western Excelsior, T & M Dirt Works, and thanks to P & D for providing all of us with a great lunch for us afterward.

Please let me know if you would like to volunteer for our next phase in May.

Many, many thanks again!

Leslie Hopkins

Town of Mancos

Parks & Recreation