Wow! It's summer!

Beth Wheeler: Beth Wheeler's show continues at the Mancos Town Gallery (on Bauer at Boyle Park). Beth created an artistic documentary of her trip to England and Germany earlier this year, illustrating it with photographs, calligraphy and watercolor paintings.

If you cannot come during the Visitors' Center hours, please contact me or Beth for a personalized showing.

All the handsome framing was done by Beth's husband and business partner, Herb Folsom.

The opening reception on April 12 was made even more fantastic by Herb and Tony Littlejohn (Roscoe) showering us with live music.

Snacks by Mac Neely, Helen Looman and Marilyn Kroeker kept our strength up! The Arts Council believes in "good times!"

Call for entries: The next show at the Town Gallery will be "The Car Show."

All local artists are invited to enter this exhibit. Works must be about, or made from cars, trucks, fire engines, school buses ... or whatever.

Any medium will be accepted.

The opening reception is May 23, Friday night 5to 7 p.m.

If you want to join this event, please contact me as soon as possible.

Additionally, you can get in touch with Marianne Griffin at the Visitors' Center, 533-7434.

The reception for this show will, of course, be a great community event. Meet and greet your friends and neighbors, plus support the local artists of the Mancos Valley!

As of this date, we already have eight committed artists in this show!

New location for Nathaniel's of Colorado: If you've lost track of our local hat artist, Nate Funmaker, he hasn't gone far.

After the Mancos Jail was relocated to Boyle Park, where it will be more prominently displayed, Kevin Rath (building owner) remodeled the downstairs portion of the structure behind the jail to accommodate Nate's business.

Send all your friends and summer visitors over there for a once-in-a-lifetime personalized hat fitting. I love my Nathaniel's hat ... only wearing it for special occasions. The only problem is that it is so beautiful, I am careful about where and when I wear it. I am known to misplace hats!

Color plus: Raven House Gallery has gone through a physical upgrade with a new open space renovation and a new color scheme. Better than ever.

Kelly Kilgore Chilcott has a bigger space to display her collection of local native art and artifacts. Kelly's mother ran a trading post in Tuba City for many years, and after her mom's retirement, Kelly inherited a veritable treasure trove of rugs, jewelry, baskets, pots and many, many other things - all museum-quality.

If you're looking for something special, pop into Raven House and see all of Kelly's stuff!

By the way, check out the new horse sculpture hanging in front of the gallery - a new collaboration between gallery director, Marilyn Kroeker and "Cowboy Forge" Steve Williams.

Also, Raven House has a few openings for new artists. Contact Marilyn at 533-7149 for details if you're interested.

The Roundup: Or, as it is formally known, The Great Mancos Arts Roundup will happen on Saturday, June 22, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

This is the annual "Studio Tours & More" - strictly Mancos and the Mancos Valley.

If you would like to be on of the artist participants, go to Raven House or the Mancos Town Gallery at the Visitors' Center (on Bauer) and pick up a registration form.

All local artists are welcome to join. You can show and demonstrate at your home studio, or do the same downtown at the Visitors' Center, the Community Center or one of our galleries or co-ops.

We're only doing a one-day event this year, to see how it goes, and we may possibly expand to the whole weekend if we have the volume of visitors.

The Mancos Valley Arts Council is the sponsoring entity, and will carry the "Studio Tour" onward from here.

For more information, contact Marilyn Kroeker at Raven House Gallery on Grand (533-7149) Marianne Griffin at the Visitors' Center (533-7434) or Dian Law (see below for contact info.)

This will a great opportunity to get your work a larger audience, and show 'em how it's done!

Contact Dian and let me me know what's happening in the arts community. I'd love to publish info about your event, show, concert, play, whatever! Call me at 533-7536 or email