Through the eyes of third-graders

Schoolchildren get out of school and into community

Students learned about how river water is treated to become drinking water at the Dolores Water Treatment Plant as part of the third-grade social studies curriculum..

Dolores Elementary School third-graders in the classrooms of Meg Neeley and Brooke Elder learn about their community ever year as part of the social studies curriculum. Some of the learning includes community services.

They visit Town Hall, the post office, the water treatment plant and many other places, and they talk to people about their jobs. Shirley Dennison conducts a historical walk to teach about several buildings in town. The students interview local people who have grown up in this area.

As a final project, the students write paragraphs describing their experiences. This week and next, the Dolores Star will publish those paragraphs, which will provide readers with plenty of facts about Dolores, its services and its residents. The students' writing also gives insights into the minds of third-graders, plus a few chuckles.

Please turn to Pages 4 and 5 for the first installment of this entertaining and informative two-part series.