Does this man deserve any less?


I had a situation brought to my attention today that absolutely sickens me, proving once again government has no compassion.

An elderly veteran, who has an illness that causes episodes that can be dangerous to him is being told he can no longer live in a little trailer in the backyard of a very compassionate, giving lady. The trailer and land belong to her and she’s invited this man to live there so he has someone close if he has an episode and needs help she’s there. She charges him nothing but the city zone inspector wants him gone. He told him he found him a house in Dolores but this man can’t pay rent. He was living in his car till she took him in. The inspector has made it clear he doesn’t care.

The story gets even worse when you realize the one neighbor trying to get him out is a personal friend of the inspector and has his nose out of joint because he’s been reported for animal neglect and abuse numerous times, nothing ever being done about it.

City, get your house in order and grant an exception for this man and Jenny to show you do have a heart where all those regulations and rules are. You give welfare, housing, and medical care to illegals. Does this man deserve any less?

Catherine Spencer


Editor’s note: Among other violations, city codes prohibit people from inhabiting auxiliary dwellings that are not connected to municipal water and sewer utilities. The code department works to bring such dwellings into compliance and issues 30-day notices to vacate. The issue will be addressed at the city council meeting on Tuesday, May 21.

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