This is a conservative community


This letter is in response to your front page article on Tuesday, May 7, titled “Officially united.” It never ceases to amaze me how liberal the Cortez Journal has become, considering this is a conservative community. (I’m remembering the election results for Montezuma County — Romney 62 percent and Obama 33 percent). The Journal certainly has an unpleasant way of sticking its thumb in the eye of the conservative majority here.

I realize you feed on controversy — it sells more papers — but ultimately advertising is your bread and butter. My subscription to this paper will be up this month and I’ll not be renewing it. I’d be worried if I were you that local merchants will begin to realize that your paper is losing subscribers because of your liberal agenda and their marketing dollars would be better spent on Internet advertising. It appears to me that you’re speeding up your inevitable demise with this kind of reporting. Perhaps there will be others who will also voice their opinion by dropping their subscriptions.

Lynette Harrell