'The Car Show' to open

The Mancos Valley Arts Council's Town Gallery opens "The Car Show" on Thursday evening, May 23, with an artists' reception from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Visitors' Center on Bauer near Boyle Park. There will be refreshments and music, and a chance to meet and talk with the artists.

The roster includes some Mancos favorites and some new faces. The theme of "anything automotive" has been translated into paintings, photographs, sculptures and other media. At press time, here's the current slate of exhibitors: Sarah Allen, Milt Beens, Nancy Brewer, Janet Chanay, Marilyn & Bill Kroeker, Jim & Dian Law, Barbara Lynch, Susan Matteson, Doug McNealy, and Robin Strother.

The Town Gallery receptions are also a great place to join friends and neighbors for a beer and a chat!