Disappearances put flags on hold

To the Citizens of Dolores:

Members of the Montezuma County VFW Ladies Auxiliary No. 5231, whose Post Home is in Mancos and whose members come from Mancos, Cortez and Dolores, have been posting the American flags on the streets of Dolores for the past year.

The flags have been posted 19 times since August 2012. During that time, eight flags have disappeared. The most recent disappearance occurred this past Saturday, May 18, on Armed Forces Day.

Each flag has a name hand embroidered on it. The flags are purchased by a family member in "honor of" or in "memory of" their beloved veteran. The flags are then posted by members of the Ladies Auxiliary with pride and reverence.

We know that occasionally, the wind will knock a flag out of the holder and some conscientious community member will rescue the flag. Maybe not knowing who put out the flags, they took it home for safe keeping.

If you are one of those conscientious community members and have one or more of our flags, please call me at (970) 749-9320 and I will come get them.

Remember the flags belong to a family who are honoring their veteran.

I'm sorry to say, but until further actions can be taken and precautions arranged, the American flags will no longer be posted on the streets of Dolores by the VFW Ladies Auxiliary #5231.

Thank you to those who support our veterans!

Queenie Barz

Americanism Chairman

VFW Ladies Auxiliary #5231