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Friday, April 26

When police arrived after a noise complaint on South Madison, a woman said her boyfriend pushed her down and took $20 from her because she didn’t want him leaving the house drunk. She then told police that she wanted him arrested for pushing her and leaving a bump on her head. The boyfriend was charged with third-degree assault and domestic violence.

Tuesday, April 30

Police responded to a man’s house in an attempt to contact him about a warrant. They were unsuccessful. About four hours later, an anonymous person called and told police that the man had left his house in a Cortez Cab. The police then pulled over the cab and were able to take the man into custody.

Wednesday, May 1

Police arrived at the intersection of Fourth Street and South Elm where a man had driven into a tree. The man was intoxicated and when he was arrested he asked, “ What will happen if I try to run?” After being medically discharged from Southwest Memorial Hospital he was taken into custody and charged with a DUI, careless driving, no proof of insurance and underage consumption.

Wednesday, May 1

Police received another call about a noise complaint on South Madison. Upon arrival a female standing outside was yelling and beating on the door. She was intoxicated and very uncooperative. A check through dispatch revealed the female had a criminal protection order violation and was not to posses or consume alcohol. The woman was then arrested for a protection order violation.

Thursday, May 16

A vehicle turning eastbound onto Main Street was pulled over for failure to use signal. The man driving stated that his girlfriend had just bought the vehicle. The man could not provide any registration or bill of sale. The man did have a title but it was invalid with an address out of Clifton, Colo. Police towed the vehicle and explained to the man that he would have to prove ownership.

Friday, May 17

Deputies were given permission to search a woman’s residence to look for two subjects with felony warrants. While they were searching the master bedroom, the deputies heard a noise coming from the closet. When the deputies opened the closet they found a female and a male trying to hide. After verbal commands, the two subjects exited the closet and were taken into custody.

Friday, May 17

A woman left her camper and headed to town. When she returned about three and half hours later, she noticed her door was slightly open. Knowing that she had locked her door, she went inside to make sure her son’s .22 caliber rifle was still there. Finding the gun missing. she called police to report it stolen. Later, she noticed pry marks on her door and on a window inside the camper where the thief entered. There was also $80 worth of food missing. Since the owners moved the camper after the incident, the police were going to search the original site.

Saturday, May 18

A driver in a vehicle was pulled over on CR 29 for exceeding the posted 40 mph speed limit. The man driving the vehicle had a warrant. While being arrested he explained that he had marijuana, a pipe and a medical marijuana card. The officer advised the man that his medical marijuana card was expired. The man stated that he was in the process of getting it renewed.

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