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District Attorney Will Furse and his staff with the 22nd Judicial District and his Victim Witness Unit would like to thank the community and the following businesses and individuals for coming together for our permanent Victims’ Rights Memorial Benches and Victims’ Rights Week.

These benches were designed and built by Jesus Castillo, Wiley Kirks, Trenton Gustafson and Ryan Daves. These gentleman are students at Montezuma Cortez High School and selflessly donated their time and talents with the help of their wonderful teachers Amanda Ramos and Charlotte Forst. The metal used for the benches was donated by Triad Construction; as soon as the project was mentioned they pitched in to get the sheet metal bought. Tuffy Security Products and their talented staff did the laser art for the backs of the benches and then when they were completed Tuffy Security did a great job of powder coating the benches white so they will stay looking fantastic for years.

Cortez Copy and Print donated a beautiful Victims’ Rights banner that was displayed at the courthouse for the entire Victims’ Rights Week, and which can be used for years to come. Pioneer Printing donated full-color copies of our public service announcements regarding stopping child abuse and elder fraud, that were placed throughout town at prominent locations. The new owners of Southwest Design and Embroidery donated colorful Victims’ Rights Week T-shirts for the DA and his staff to wear to help promote the week, and the week in following years.

SAYWHAT TV ran our public service announcements for stopping child abuse and elder fraud and advertised our Victims’ Rights Week. KSJD radio did a live radio interview with DA Will Furse regarding victims in our community and also ran several public service announcements regarding stopping child abuse and elder fraud. And a large thank you to our county commissioners for proclaiming the week Victims’ Rights Week and bringing attention to the week.

Without all of these selfless donations nothing could have been done. This community should be proud of the finished product and ALL of those who gave so the event could happen. If you have not seen the benches, be sure and take a look. They are permanently displayed at Cortez District Court on Main Street, and in front of the Dove Creek courthouse. If you happen to come across someone who donated, be sure and give them a well-deserved thanks; they all earned it and went above and beyond in their skills and efforts.

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