Man killed in accident at landfill

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A man reportedly has died from injuries suffered in an accident at the Montezuma County Landfill Monday morning. His name has not been released.

Emergency scanner calls reported he had been crushed by a trailer.

Cortez Fire Department personnel responded to the call. Chief Jeff Vandevoorde reported it appeared the man had crawled underneath the trailer to make repairs.

“Something failed and it landed on top of him,” he said.

Landfill manager Deb Barton said the Montezuma Sheriff Department had taken over the investigation. She said there were no witnesses to the accident and the customer was alone, dropping off a load of municipal trash.

“One of our other customers was back there and called to say we needed to get some help so we called 911,” Barton said.

That portion of the landfill was shut down while the accident was investigated.