What part didn’t they understand?


Sens. Udall and Bennet and many others believe the recently passed laws in Colorado and some attempted in the U.S. Congress would solve the problem of gun violence. Nothing could be further from the truth. The proposed bill in Congress that they claim was bipartisan was deceptive and dishonest and another attempt to chip away at the freedoms and liberty guaranteed to the people by the Constitution, a document they swore to defend.

In the Second Amendment, what part of “... shall not be infringed” did they not understand? The Second Amendment is the one guarantee that the First Amendment and the other freedoms we enjoy as Americans will persist through even the toughest trials. Many have called this bill “common sense” when in reality it is not even close. Nothing in this proposed law would have prevented the terrible actions of two madmen in Aurora and in Connecticut. So, where is the common sense?

Why is it every time a crazy or a criminal commits a terrible tragedy like this Democrats and some Republicans call out for gun control? Why do politicians insist on arming criminals and crazies and disarming law-abiding citizens? Why is that?! Many liberals believe that simply by creating a new law, you are doing something to prevent crime and/or tragedies. That is false! Laws can only list the punishments one will suffer after the crime is committed. Does anyone actually believe that criminals and crazies carefully consider the criminal penalties they will suffer if they commit their terrible acts? Really? So, the effect of gun control laws is to restrict a means of self defense to law-abiding citizens, an effect strictly prohibited by the Second Amendment.

Charles W. Thompson


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