Truly a bipartisan disaster


The recent revelation that the NSA has been conducting massive surveillance of about 100 million citizens’ emails, along with the intimidation of the politically incorrect by the IRS, should convince anyone that individual freedom in this country is dead or in a terminal coma. This is not something that happened overnight, but like Chinese water torture has been progressing for decades.

Congress has abdicated its responsibility over the decades to the point that they are irrelevant. Witness the contempt that the evildoers at the IRS displayed when appearing before Congress. Why is the IRS criminality referred to as a scandal instead of being considered a felony? Why is spying on 100 million citizens for no reason not a felony? Do you think anyone will lose their job? No, they will most likely be promoted, just as the people in charge of the killing of about eighty women and children in Waco were. As for trusting the competence or honesty of our government, why in view of all the constant and continuing corruption in Washington, D.C., would anyone of sound mind believe anything the denizens of the cesspool on the Potomac say? If their lips are moving, they are lying.

Oh, by the way the spying by the NSA was a product of George Bush and the Republicans, truly a bipartisan disaster. Both parties are the same in one respect, corruption to the max.

William H. Taylor


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