Parents, coaches, players all have to work together


I am writing regarding the “Baseball Should be Fun” letter. I am involved in the league as a mother and a coach’s wife.

Parents seem to think that coaches are responsible for everything. Ask yourself, how is your attitude to the team and the coach? Are you boosting your child’s mood or are you complaining about the coach? If a child hears their parents disrespecting a coach, they will never respect him. Players have cussed out their coaches. Attempts to coach some kids are met with scorn. Coaches try to teach the kids to play as a team, but this doesn’t always happen and one player can bring down the team. Parents, let the coaches coach your kids. Even if you don’t agree with a coach, respect them. Those of us that volunteer understand that we each have jobs and families and that is why we have a team of coaches. We work together to help each other out. A game has never been canceled because of lack of coaches.

I have the firm belief that if you are not willing to coach a team and put yourself out there to be criticized by everyone, shut up. How many times have you seen a coach/board member out there raking the fields? Or a coach umpiring other games? My husband had to leave his team to assistant coaches several times to umpire games. Do you know almost every board member coaches or has other responsibilities in the league? It is because no one else will help.

Parents writing letters should check their information. I was at the all-star selection meeting and every coach was there. Writing false statements discredits the entire letter in my opinion.

Parents, coaches and players all have to work together, not tear each other down. I’ve seen great coaches refuse to coach because of the way they have been treated. So next year, if we don’t have enough coaches for your child to play, ask yourself, is that my fault?

Christina Eastman


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