Sheriff Blotter

Wednesday, June 26

Police were advised of an abandoned vehicle parked on Road 15, north of Pleasant View. The vehicle had been parked there for several days. Dispatch confirmed that the vehicle had been reported stolen out of Moab, Utah. The person who reported the vehicle said that he opened the door looking for identification but couldn’t find anything. The vehicle was towed to get it out of the way of traffic and off the road.

Friday, June 28

Cortez dispatch aired a possible drunken driver with a male and female involved in a disturbance on U.S. 160 south of Cortez. The white SUV was pulled over on the side of the road. When the police arrived, there were three people sitting in the vehicle and two people standing about 50 feet in front of it. A woman approached the officer and said that she and her boyfriend had gotten in an argument, so she pulled over the car and started walking. The woman told the officer she had been drinking, so he administered roadside maneuvers, which she did not satisfactorily complete. The woman agreed to a breath test, and the results were .143. The woman was arrested and was charged with a DUI.

Friday, June 28

There was a vandalism complaint at a storage unit. The owner of the storage unit said he noticed an old, beaten-up, red, ¾-ton pickup pull up on the far northeast corner of the property. The owner said that he noticed a man exit the vehicle wearing blue jeans and with grey hair, and a few minutes later the man left. When the owner was done speaking with a customer he went and checked on the storage unit where he believed the truck was parked. The owner noticed that the over lock was missing and the lower lock had been cut. The owner said the person renting the storage unit was a month behind on her payments and that she said a man would be coming by to move items out of the unit. The owner did not have a security system and was not able to see the license plate of the truck. Pictures of the damaged lock were taken and placed into evidence.

Tuesday, July 2

An officer noticed a vehicle traveling north on U.S. 160 had no visible registration and a non-functioning license plate light. The officer attempted to pull the vehicle over, and the vehicle started swerving and speeding up and slowing down. The officer could see a lot of movement in the vehicle and observed the vehicle swerve rapidly toward the right side of the road but then pull back onto the road. The vehicle then pulled into a driveway and the driver got out of the tuck and started to run. The male subject was wearing a green sweater and baggy jeans. Back-up officers contacted the two subjects still in the vehicle. The wo women were put into handcuffs and were detained in the back of a patrol car for their safety and the safety of the officers. Both women stated the three were just at the casino, and since neither of them had a license the man had offered to drive them. The women didn’t know why the man would run but they said it must have been because he has a warrant. The women both said that while they were getting pulled over the man said that he was going to run because he wasn’t going to go to jail. One woman also said that the car jerked because she was trying to get the man to pull over. The two women contacted somebody to come pick them up and they left. The officer issued an arrest warrant on the male subject for driving with a revoked license and for eluding.

Thursday, July 4

An officer patrolling on U.S. 160 noticed a vehicle traveling 88 mph in a 65 mph zone. Once the vehicle was pulled over the driver immediately began explaining that the speedometer was not working correctly. The driver stated that his Colorado driver’s license was suspended but he had a valid New Mexico driver’s license. The officer asked if there were any passengers in the vehicle that had a valid license. The passenger of the vehicle was unable to drive and was then arrested for a felony warrant. The driver had to make arrangements for the vehicle to be picked up and was summoned to court for driving a motor vehicle while license was suspended.

Friday, July 5

A woman was at home doing daily chores when she heard a noise that made her dog bark, but she believed the noise was caused by the wind. Later she went to check her mail and noticed the back passenger window of her black Dodge Caliber had been broken out. She looked through her vehicle and noticed that her glove box and console were open with items scattered throughout her vehicle. The woman did not know who would have broken her window or what items they might have been looking for. None of the woman’s neighbors noticed anybody around the woman’s house. Because of lack of evidence there was no way to determine the culprit.

Sunday, July 7

While patrolling Road 25, an officer observed a vehicle where the driver’s vision was obstructed due to a crack in the windshield. While speaking with the driver, the officer could smell an unknown alcoholic beverage inside the vehicle. Dispatch advised the officer that the driver of the vehicle had an unconfirmed felony warrant in the state of New Mexico. The driver was then placed into handcuffs. While waiting on confirmation of the warrant, the officer noticed that the man was slurring his speech, had bloodshot watery eyes and smelled of alcohol. The officer asked the man if he had been drinking. The man said that he had two beers. Because the man admitted to drinking the officer asked if he could perform some roadside maneuvers. The man agreed to the maneuvers but did not satisfactorily complete them. The man also agreed to a breath test, which came back at .181. Then dispatch confirmed that the man did have an active felony warrant. The man was arrested and said that he had never had a driver’s license so he didn’t care. The man was charged with a DUI and also for driving while his license was under restraint.