Sheriff Blotter

Wednesday, July 10

Dispatch advised officers to report to Mancos Valley Bank for vandalism. An employee of Mancos Valley Bank said that one of the bank’s windows was shattered and appeared to be struck by a BB. Because of lack of evidence, the case was closed.

Wednesday, July 10

Police were dispatched to the Rio Grande B&B in Dolores in reference to loud music coming from the business. While in the area, dispatch advised police of another person wanting to complain about the loud music. The woman explained that she owns the building just south of the restaurant and that two of her five tenants moved out due to the noise late at night. The woman also said that the owner of the restaurant has been issued a summons for disorderly conduct and has already appeared in court. The officer told the woman he would follow up further when he returned to work on July 11. The next day, the officer had received an email from the sheriff stating that he had received a phone call from the Dolores town manager, who also was getting complaints and wanted to have the restaurant cited. The officer then responded to the Rio Grande Southern and issued the owner another citation for disorderly conduct.

Thursday, July 11

A man was pulled over for not using his turn signal. As soon as the officer made contact with the driver and asked him for his driver’s license, the driver began crying and asked if he could call his girlfriend. The officer asked the man if everything was OK, and he stated, “ I know you’re going to take me in.” The man also said that he knew he was going to get caught. The officer asked the man what he was getting caught for and he said he had warrants. Dispatch advised the officer that the man did have a warrant and the man was taken into custody.

Friday, July 12

Officers responded to a call about a domestic disturbance involving a red Dodge Dart, which was reported stolen out of New Mexico. The officer observed the vehicle pass him and then turn into a private drive on CR. G. When the officer pulled into the residence the male driver exited the vehicle and starting walking toward the house. The officer ordered the man to stop and put his hands on his head. When backup arrived the man was placed into handcuffs. While walking him back to the patrol vehicle the officer could smell an unknown alcohol beverage on the man’s breath. The man agreed to do roadside maneuvers and did not perform them satisfactorily. The man was asked how he got the vehicle and he said he had bought it from another person. The officer told the man that he did not believe him due to his slow responses, the officer asked the man to start from the beginning again and to tell him the truth. The man said that he and another guy were in Farmington at a Motel 6 drinking. He noticed the vehicle keys were on the nightstand so he decided to take them. The man said he stole the vehicle and kept it for so long because he thought he could just deny knowledge of it being stolen. The man was charged with a felony for vehicle theft and also for contributing delinquency to a minor.