Broncos on TV

Udall’s deal gives SW Colorado one year of its favorite team

When Southwest Coloradoans make demands of their elected representatives in Washington, access to Denver television ranks alongside less government intrusion (or a stronger safety net), a solution to all of immigration’s issues (or not) and adherence to an unchanged Constitution (or the admission that with passing time it becomes more difficult to apply a 200-plus year-old document of do’s and don’ts).

The request for Denver television may be couched in terms of the importance of following legislative goings-on in Denver, or the workings of institutions and the opinions of people who have statewide influence, but what Southwest Coloradans really mean is, we want to see every Broncos football game and not the team from Dallas that is favored in New Mexico.

Sen. Mark Udall has secured that, not permanently but at least for the fall 2013 season. When the Broncos and the Cowboys play at the same time, Southwest Colorado will receive the Broncos’ game along with the other Broncos’ games on Fox’s KASA out of Albuquerque.

It is a one-year fix, and has occurred in previous years, but it is nevertheless good work on Udall’s part, and he deserves our thanks.

Now, on to the Super Bowl.

It is a commercial geographical designation that puts Southwest Colorado into Albuquerque’s television stations’ sphere of influence, and permanently undoing that has so far proved impossible.

Capitalism has a strong hold. There is some irony that even local Republicans have set aside their belief in marketplace-driven decision-making to advocate for government action in this case. The popularity of the Broncos trumps the determination not to involve Washington.

Perhaps they recognize that even if Albuquerque is 2½ hours closer than Denver and is not separated from Southwest Colorado by high mountain passes, Southwest Coloradans do not engage in much commerce in New Mexico’s largest city.

The line that ties Southwest Colorado to the malls lying to the south is a faint one.

Thanks to Udall for giving us the Broncos and not the Cowboys this fall.