Decisions have consequences


The Dolores Board of Education and the administration, once again, have proved they are unqualified to serve. Once again, the taxpayers of the district have been cheated. I am tired of the Dolores administration playing the blame game with the school improvement project; they have no one to blame but themselves.

Key decisions, such as which architect to hire, who should be the owner's representative and who should be the contractor, were all made by this administration and board. This leadership group is to blame for the poor performance of the school project thus far. "Free money" - that is what our superintendent called the BEST grant money that he was so eager to receive. There is no such thing as "free money." In order to receive this grant money, the state must first take money from other taxpayers to then give to the Dolores School District - it has a cost.

In addition, it looks as if it will cost the taxpayers of Dolores between $400,000 and $800,000 to meet the requirements of the grant. The administration (who made two attempts to get this grant money), two separate architects and an owner's representative were all involved in this process and somehow no one saw the FEMA flood plain requirements? Once again there is no one to blame except the impotent leadership of the Dolores school system.

Wake up, parents, taxpayers and alumni - your middle and high schools are going to hell in a hand-basket. You cannot sit idly by and think this group will make the best decisions for our community. Get involved in what is going on at your school; attend board meetings and school events.

Please see the results of the tell survey completed by teachers of the district at

Vote in November and know that your decisions have consequences.

Keith Moore