It will get much worse


There is a group of citizens now being vilified and marginalized as potential terrorists in proposed federal legislation. Some of those in this government and its bureaucracy recently have revealed that those who believe in the Bible, the Constitution, in owning guns as a right, in home-schooling their children, in having their children free from homosexual indoctrination in public schools, in the freedom to critique their government, are potentially very dangerous and hateful because these can wreak havoc on the whole population.

The point here is observe that all socialist or communist governments have used the same techniques to control their enemies. The characteristic of socialism is its gradual movement in time, so few will perceive its progress or its sign. For most individuals its progress has not yet created widespread fear of the government, but it appears this phase may be starting.

This government has expressed the belief that the above class of citizens is worse than others and is very likely to commit hate crimes and to use hate speech against specially protected minority groups. It now appears that the government in on the verge of depriving these groups of their constitutional rights because of their beliefs.

A recent uproar about a rodeo clown making fun of Obama resulted in calling the FBI; some wanted it charged as a hate crime. This is just the beginning, it will get much worse, get prepared.

Gene Clark


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