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On Aug. 16, Larry Berger suggested we should all be open minded and compromise. It’s been said, “if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.” To compromise, you must give up something you believe in. Do I believe that an all-powerful God created man with liberty to live my created life? Or do you believe you, and all that is, just happened? Those are the foundations we all start from. If we start from different foundations, we can never reach agreement through any compromising of our belief that we stand for.

Our Constitution was formed by men who believed we were created by an all-powerful God, and in the process gave each individual liberty to choose to live his life by the creators rules, or not. The Constitution provided for differing beliefs, while setting rules for the differing beliefs to live peaceably with each other. It was written in plain English, not requiring a legal interpretation. Anyone who can read English can understand it! Congress, lawyers, justices are just people like the rest of us, not having any special endowment to understand English.

The argument over “interpretation” of the Constitution is because one group simply does not like what they know it says! Being mostly lawyers, they will try to use legal maneuvering and arguments to “interpret” what they wish it said for their benefit. Remember Bill Clinton arguing the definition of “it”?

Compromising what the Constitution says renders it useless to provide for individual liberty and freedom to live together peaceably. The Constitution is the rule book we have chosen to live peaceably by. When playing poker, you play by the rules of the table; you don’t compromise by having an extra ace, without consequences. The Constitution has been compromised by Congress and courts for over 100 years, creating the mess of today, and it is not a better place due to the compromises.

Dexter Gill


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