‘Oh, I didn’t think that could happen to me’


I truly feel sorry for those individuals who worked so diligently on the Dolores River Valley project. They worked tirelessly for two years with the Montezuma County commissioners to come up with a good plan for development along the river bank. It seemed like a reasonable plan to keep the river from over-development and trash downstream. Now, they are facing changes to that policy.

I used to live in Arizona and frequently visited Oak Creek Canyon. Residents there built close to the river because statistically, it hardly ever floods. Funny thing, while I lived there it flooded several times, destroying property and sending debris into the river. From what I read in the newspaper, some of the residents along the Dolores don’t think much about flooding either. It will be really too bad for them when a flood occurs and they say “Oh, I didn’t think that could happen to me.”

Why do we always want to change what others have worked so hard for? Is it because it wasn’t our idea originally? Our current set of commissioners only seem to care about development in this county. Nothing else.

I hope the citizens along the Dolores will reconsider wanting to change the DVP plan. No plan will make everyone happy, but this is a good plan nonetheless.

Mary O’Brien


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