Doesn’t this make you proud?


Bad way to start a day, listening to our blithering idiot president make a complete joke of himself and our country.

A couple of things he said won’t make many people happy. First, he said he wouldn’t be a failure over Syria; the international community would be a failure. Then to put icing on the cake, after going to Congress for a decision on Syria, he says going to Congress is nothing more than a symbolic gesture. Wow! Could he be any more insulting and demeaning to the body that represents the people?

My personal opinion is we don’t do anything about Syria. We send a clear message if they try it outside their borders, all hell will come down on their heads. They act like the thousand killed by gas are more dead than the hundred thousand Assad killed prior to this. We’ve had atrocities going on around the world for decades and right now Africa has many everyday.

You have to see this man as trying to distract from all the domestic problems he has with NSA, IRS, Obamacare, etc. For this he is willing to send missiles into Syria where hundreds, if not thousands, could be killed. This man is inept, immature and a petulant child making decisions that will harm the whole world if not careful.

To top it off, he said he never said there was a red line; of course Fox immediately played the sound bite where he did say “red line.” Doesn’t this make you proud of voting for him?

Catherine Spencer


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