Code enforcement, water access top council’s agenda

To streamline code enforcement, the City of Cortez will consider adopting a new ordinance tonight that allows animal control officers to issue summonses and complaints.

Currently, city animal control officers are not authorized to issue tickets. They can write the ticket, but they are then required to file a report with the police department. The police then serve the summons or complaint.

“The process complicates and increases the amount of time spent by city staff and the ultimate cost of code enforcement,” said city attorney Mike Green.

Under the current process, city officials said it takes more than an hour to issue a code enforcement summons or complaint.

Prior to formally adopting the new ordinance, city leaders will hold a public hearing on Sept. 24.

Also at tonight’s council meeting, city officials will consider an intergovernmental agreement with the Cortez Sanitation District.

The proposed agreement includes sharing the cost to upgrade the city water dock to include a card reading system. Under the agreement, sanitation officials would fund approximately half of the $20,000 upgrade.

Earlier this year, the city barred sanitation officials from obtaining water from city fire hydrants due to the district’s misuse and damage of the hydrants.

Tuesday’s city council meeting at City Hall starts at 7:30 p.m.