Sheriff Blotter

Sunday, Sept. 8

An officer responded near U.S. Highway 160 in reference of a person falling off a waterfall. Once the officer reached the waterfall he could see some people at the bottom of a 40-foot cliff lying down with severe injuries. Once he reached the bottom he noticed a man with a laceration above his eye that also was swollen shut. It appeared he had knocked a tooth out, and he also had a cut on his elbow, the officer could see the bone and joint area. The man was taken to the Southwest Memorial Hospital and later flown to Grand Junction. The owner of the property was afraid the people that fell off the waterfall would try to sue him so he wanted to press charges for trespassing. The officer issued the people a summons for third-degree criminal trespassing.

Saturday, Sept. 14

A woman was pulled over because she had no illuminated taillights. The woman said she was just going down the road, and said she was going to see if her truck was coming because some boys were working on it because she blew it up. The woman’s registration and insurance were both expired. The Woman first said she hadn’t been drinking, but she later changed her story and said she was drinking just a little bit ago. The woman agreed to perform roadside maneuvers and did not complete them satisfactorily. The woman was arrested and charged with driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and failure to display lights when required.

Sunday, Sept. 15

A woman called dispatch to report her husband causing a disturbance. The woman said her husband was drunk and hitting her car with his car door and was trying to get into the house. The woman said she had been married to her husband for 14 years, and he is verbally abusive and had pushed her a few times in the past. The woman’s husband had been driven home by her father. Her father said he brought his son-in-law home because he was intoxicated trying to start a fight with him. She said after she received that call she went and got the keys out of the vehicles and locked the doors to avoid another confrontation, and so her husband wouldn’t try to drive. The woman said she did that because she was afraid of him. While police were speaking with the man he was being very uncooperative and refused to listen to instructions. The police arrested the man and charged him with criminal mischief, domestic violence, harassment, and obstructing a peace officer.