State’s trials stem from violating God’s rules


We should not be surprised that we here in Colorado are experiencing these terrible trials and tribulations with the weather conditions. To be quite frank, it’s amazing to me that we have not had this happen before.

Think about it; we have a pro-death governor, several pro-death senators and congressmen and women; we were the first state to legalize abortion long before Roe vs. Wade, and recently, our governor signed into law, a bill that allows gay unions.

We know from the Bible that the acts of homosexuality and abortion are abominations before God. God will not bless a state, or a nation, that not only allows, but also supports and legalizes, these abominations. Now, I know that many people will be in an uproar over my words. I am speaking about the acts committed, not the people who commit them.

As a Christian and follower of Christ, the best that I can, I love all people, as Christ tells us to, but I abhor the acts of homosexuality and abortion that are committed. If you are a thinking person, you will realize the difference. This is not intolerance. This is understanding the difference.

Right here in our little town of Cortez, people writing letters to the editor are fighting over such insignificant things, when we should all be on our knees before God, repenting of our sins, asking forgiveness and trying our best to sin no more, as Christ says. We are in the last times people. When you die and go before God (yes, everyone will go before God when he or she dies), those of you who ignore God, claim there is no God, or otherwise turn away from him, are in for a big surprise.

Linda J. Moore