Sheriff’s Blotter

Wednesday, Sept. 18

Dispatch advised police that a female caller said there was a highly intoxicated male leaving Dove Creek headed toward Cortez in a white four-door sedan. Police observed the sedan swerving over the yellow line several times, and the vehicle was jerking all over the road. When the officer pulled the man over, he gave him identification out of the state of Alaska. He told the officer he knew he was going to jail. The officer asked why he thought he would go to jail, and the man said because Alaska was going to extradite him because he got his license revoked in Alaska for a felony DUI. The driver of the vehicle admitted to drinking and also volunteered to do roadside maneuvers. The driver did not perform them satisfactorily, and he was arrested for driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, driving a vehicle while license under restraint and failed to drive vehicle in a single lane.

Thursday, Sept. 19

An officer was traveling on U.S. Highway 160 when he observed a red sedan driving 35 mph in a posted 65 mph zone. The officer continued to follow the vehicle going at a consistent rate of 35 mph. The driver of the vehicle swerved into the southbound lane causing another vehicle to pull over and come to a complete stop. The officer stopped the driver of the sedan and asked for license and registration, while speaking with the female driver the officer noticed an infant in a car seat directly behind the driver seat. There was also a male in the passenger seat. The officer asked the female how much she had to drink and she said “Too much.” The passenger also admitted to drinking. After failing to perform the roadside maneuvers satisfactorily the woman was arrested. The officer then reminded the male passenger that he was on pre-trial release and was not to be in possession or consumption of alcohol. The man was also arrested. The infant was left in the care of the grandmother. The woman driver was charged with a DUI, child abuse, and failure to drive in a single lane. The male passenger was charged for violating bond conditions.

Thursday, Sept. 19

A woman called dispatch and stated that she witnessed an intoxicated driver. The police got the description of the vehicle as an old, red truck and was able to locate the truck at the intersection of Mildred Street and Main Street. The police observed the truck all over the road and made contact with the driver at the Giant convenient store at the intersection of Cactus and Main Street. The driver of the vehicle was intoxicated and could not perform any of the roadside maneuvers. The man was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and or drugs and failure to drive in a single lane.

Sunday, Sept. 22

Dispatch advised police to report to County Road 25 for a disturbance. The police were advised that the reporting party called dispatch said her boyfriend assaulted her and then hung up. When police arrived the officer immediately noticed the right side of the woman’s face was swollen. One of the officers spoke with the woman while another officer went into the residence and spoke with the woman’s daughter. The officer asked the woman what happened to her face and she said she fell down the stairs. The officer said if you fell down the stairs then why did you call 911. The woman said she did not call 911. The officer asked the woman if her boyfriend had assaulted her, the woman began nodding her head and crying. The woman said her boyfriend had run off. The officer then went inside to assist the other officer. The boyfriend was sitting on the bed in a bedroom. Police questioned him as to what happened and the police heard the woman say again that she fell down the stairs. The man agreed with the woman that she fell down the stairs. The boyfriend also had a warrant for his arrest. The man was then taken into custody and charged with domestic violence and third-degree assault.

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