Weather and sin are really not related


Apparently there are adults who still fear the dark. Weather and sin are not related. Undoubtedly ancient peoples felt the mystical nonsensical that brought the rain as well as the thunder and lightning, flies, frogs and the bogeyman road in the mix. It was often allayed through sacrifices, animal as well as human. So the cure was worse than the affliction.

I’m comfortable with the idea that acts of abortion and homosexuality had absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with flooding in Colorado.

Artificial disasters such as bigotry and hatemongering are worse than natural ones for they are filled with human intent. Haven’t we all seen with our own eyes the courage and kindness being afforded to friends family, and strangers alike in our flooded disaster areas. What have others been witnessing?

Let’s help all Coloradoans out of this natural disaster and pray everything will be all right.

Richard M. Feit