Police Blotter

Tuesday, Sept. 24

About 1 a.m. police responded to Brookside Drive in response to a burglary that had occurred 30 minutes earlier. A man told police that he was sleeping in his son’s room when he heard his dogs bark; he said he went into the living room and saw a short female with blonde hair, a black hooded sweatshirt and dark pants leaving out his front door. The man said the female ran southbound on Brookside, so he got in his vehicle and drove around to try to find her. When he could not find her, he returned home and called the police. Upon his return, he saw a serrated kitchen knife from his kitchen knife set on the steps of the front entryway. The man said he then checked on his wife and daughter, and his wife said her cellphone was missing. The couple also said their laptop and their children’s Social Security cards were missing. They saw a hat in their entryway that was not theirs. The officer took the hat for evidence. There was no further information.

Saturday, Sept. 28

About 3:08 a.m., an officer was in a marked patrol car while traveling on South Broadway, when he noticed a driver in a gray SUV going 70 mph in a marked 55 mph zone. The officer activated his emergency lights, and the driver stopped in a private drive on South Broadway. The officer told the driver the reason for the stop, and she apologized. As the driver was speaking, the officer could smell an unknown alcohol beverage coming from her breath. The officer asked her how much she had to drink, and she said, “ Too much,” and that she had been drinking beer since noon. The officer asked the woman if she would do some voluntary roadside maneuvers and she agreed. During the different maneuvers, the woman said, “Can’t you just arrest me?” The officer took the woman into custody and charged her with DUI, DUI per se and speeding. The officer did note that during his entire contact with the woman, she was very apologetic and cooperative.

Sunday, Sept. 29

At the request of dispatch, police responded to Wendy’s in reference to a man refusing to leave. The officer escorted the man off the property and said he was not to return. About two hours later, the officer went back to Wendy’s in reference to the same man refusing to leave and also trying to fight an employee. The employee was working on remodeling the building when he noticed an intoxicated male enter the building and start cursing. The employee told the man he needed to leave because Wendy’s was closed. The man then went outside and walked around to the other side of the building and started pounding on the doors. The employee then asked the man to leave again, and the man started to “puff up” and said, “What are you going to do about it?’’ The officer also spoke with the manager of Wendy’s, and she had the same story as the employee. The officer then asked the man why he returned to Wendy’s after he had been told not to. The man said he returned because he is Navajo, and he cursed at the employees of Wendy’s because they would not give him his food order. The man was arrested and transported to the jail; at the jail the man took a PBT test and blew a 0.305. The man was issued a summons for disturbing the peace and trespass.

Sunday, Sept. 29

Police were dispatched to Denny’s in reference to an intoxicated male who would not leave. When police arrived, they noticed the man slumped over in a booth. The police woke him, and they asked him if he was OK. The man said he wasn’t causing any trouble, and he was just trying to sleep. While speaking with the man, the officer could smell an unknown alcohol beverage coming from his breath. The man said he had “two forties.” Dispatch told the officer the man had two restraining orders that prohibited him from consuming alcohol. The man said that he knew he wasn’t supposed to be drinking. He was arrested and taken to the county jail.

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