Sheriff Blotter

Sunday, Sept. 29

Cortez dispatch reported a possible disturbance and advised police to arrive on scene. When police arrived they spoke to a man that said his girlfriend and he had been drinking when she left with a friend. He said he went to look for his girlfriend, and police contacted him. The man also said nothing physical happened between him and his girlfriend. When the officer walked inside he observed a female crying holding an ice pack to her mouth. When she removed the ice pack she had a swollen lip that was starting to bruise. The woman also had red marks around her neck. The woman said that her boyfriend and her had been drinking when her boyfriend started getting angry with her, he started pointing his finger at her and yelling. She said she ran to the bathroom and locked the door in fear that he would try to hit her. After about a half hour the woman thought that her boyfriend had calmed down so she came out of the bathroom to get her things to leave. She said she went to leave, but he held her down on the floor and punched her with a closed fist. After he punched her, he told her he just wanted to get along, she said she agreed so he wouldn’t hurt her anymore. She said a few minutes later she tried to leave again, and this time he choked her until she passed out. When she regained consciousness she saw him enter the bathroom so she decided to run outside, where she asked an unknown man for help. The man that hit the woman was charged with domestic violence and third-degree assault.

Monday, Sept. 30

An officer was advised to take a call for forgery from Dolores State Bank in Cortez. The officer learned there were copies of two checks, which were cashed at the Cortez branch of Dolores State Bank. The affidavit from Dolores State Bank stated that the top signature on the back of the check was forged. Later the officer discovered the checks were stolen from a house in Dolores. The officer spoke with the owner of the house, and he said he had checks at his house from a man who owed him money. He said he didn’t cash them right away because the man called him and asked him to wait. The man said he left town for a few days, came back and noticed the checks were gone. The bank refunded the man’s account because they had originally accepted the checks.

Tuesday, Oct. 1

An officer was asked to contact a man regarding tools missing from his truck. The man told the officer he works at a car-rental agency near the airport, and he leaves his personal vehicle there while he drives a company vehicle. The man said he left his personal vehicle at his place of business, and left town. While he was out of town, his portable toolbox had been taken from the back of his truck. The officer advised the man that earlier that day he had received another call in that area, and said he had found some tools near the airport. The officer asked the man to meet him later to see if the tools were his. The man confirmed that the tools were his. The officer also is going to check with airport security to see if they have any surveillance footage that might show the person who took the tools.

Tuesday, Oct. 1

Police responded to QEP Energy in response to a break-in. The production foreman of QEP said he arrived at work and noticed a bag of Ice Melt propped against the door, he didn’t think anything of it until he moved the bag and the door came open and had pry marks on it, the door would not stay shut on its own. The man said when he entered the office area he found desk drawers open and several laptop computers and computer equipment missing. The officer called the Detective Division about the break in, and he also took pictures of the office building. The officer also noticed several footprints in the mud around the outside of the building as well as tire tracks and some tools. While working on this report, the officer received a call from a man stating that he was missing tools from his truck. The man later confirmed that they were his tools.