Sheriff’s Blotter

Friday, Oct. 4

An officer responded to U.S. Highway 160 for a vehicle in the ditch. The driver left on foot. Upon arrival the officer observed a silver Ford Taurus down the embankment off the roadway and a female standing next to the driver’s door. The female told the officer that her boyfriend and she were driving to Shiprock when they started arguing about her family. She said her boyfriend was disrespecting her family and started yelling at her. She said he grabbed her glasses off of her face and bent them. She said because her boyfriend bent her glasses she then grabbed his glasses and through them onto the floor of the car. She said her boyfriend wrecked into the ditch when she did that. While speaking to the woman the officer could smell an unknown alcohol beverage coming from her breath. While talking to the woman the officer observed a man walking toward him. The man told the officer that they were on their way to New Mexico when his girlfriend started drinking and became intoxicated. The man said his girlfriend began arguing with him about her family and her drinking problem, he said his girlfriend became very mad and started hitting him and grabbed his glasses and tossed them into the floorboard. The officer observed scratch marks under the man’s eyes and on the left side of his cheek. The man said he pulled over so he wouldn’t get into an accident and didn’t realize there was an embankment. He said he went off the embankment and left to get away from his girlfriend. The man also said that he doesn’t know how his girlfriend’s glasses were bent, he said she probably bent them herself to get him in trouble. Because the woman appeared to be the main aggressor she was arrested and charged with harassment and domestic violence.

Saturday, Oct. 5

An officer was patrolling in the 25000 block of Road L when he observed two dogs run out of a yard and onto the road. The dogs began chasing the car and barking, the officer backed up and pulled into the driveway. The officer could see that the dogs were both very aggressive. When the officer exited his patrol vehicle he got out is taser and pulled the trigger to spark it, both dogs ran about 30 feet away and continued to bark. The officer knocked on the door and spoke with the owner of the dogs. The officer explained to her county ordinance requires dogs under control. The officer advised the woman that he had gotten complaints in the past about her dogs, and after several attempts to try to contact her he had no success. The woman said she would tie up one dog and the other dog wouldn’t run onto the road anymore. As the officer was leaving one of the dogs started to get very aggressive and started coming closer and closer to the officer. The officer used his taser on the dog and the dog quickly ran away. The woman immediately came out of the residence and asked what happen. The woman was then issued a summons for dog not under control.

Thursday, Oct. 10

Dispatch told an officer to respond to a residence for a possible disturbance. Dispatch advised the officer that a man called and said his wife had scratched the side of his face, went crazy and was walking northwest. When the officer arrived on scene he noticed a man and a woman standing next to a white van just west of the residence. To officer spoke with the man privately, and he said nothing had happened. The officer observed several scratch marks on the man’s face and head. The man said that the dog had scratched him. The officer asked the man why he called 911 and if he made a false report. The man said no, he called 911 because he was afraid his wife was going to drive off with the kids. The man then said that his wife lost it, and she got out of control, and that is how he got the scratches on his face and head. The officer then spoke with the woman. The woman told the officer that her husband and she were just having an argument, and it was none of the officer’s business. The officer asked the woman how the man got the scratches on his face, and she said he was probably drunk and fell off the stairs. The woman also said her husband did not get physical with her. The officer advised the woman that under the circumstances he was going to have to arrest her. The man said he did not want his wife to go to jail: He was just trying to stop a DWI and the officer took it too far. The officer transported the woman to jail where she was served a warrant for harassment and domestic violence.

Saturday, Oct. 12

An officer was traveling south on U.S. Highway 160 when he observed the driver of the vehicle in front of him threw a burning material onto the highway from the driver’s side window. The officer observed the burning material was consistent with a lit cigarette, and it landed in the roadway, showering sparks when it landed. The officer conducted a traffic stop and noticed as the driver used the brakes to stop that the passenger side brake light was defective and not illuminating. The officer issued the driver a summons for throwing a burning material from a motor vehicle.